How To Make Money With Crypto-Money?

Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or ethereum are nowadays a very fashionable field. They are real opportunities for you to make money. However, like all sectors, crypto-currencies have their own realities and requirements. You have to be able to take things in the right direction to hope to make money. So how do you go about doing business with these newer currencies? What approaches can you take to make money with crypto-currencies? I’ll give you a few pointers.

Investing in Bitcoin and crypto-currencies

If you have money that you want to make grow, without thinking, I would advise you to invest in Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. They represent a simple and accessible way to reach your profitability goal. Of course, I’m not saying it will happen overnight. You have to have the right attitude. To do this, I would advise you to take two approaches:

  • First, you can join an exchange platform to buy cryptomoney;
  • In the second step, you have the possibility to subscribe a contract for difference (CFD) with a specialized broker.

These are the two most reliable ways I know of, so you can invest in Bitcoin or other cryptomonnaies and make money with them. There are different platforms on the market that specialize in this, as well as brokers. Depending on your level of knowledge and experience in the field, you can choose one for your support.

Buy low, sell high

Simple and basic, investing through speculation is perhaps the easiest way to make money with crypto-currencies. This approach consists for you to buy at low price, to resell at high price. In order to do this, you need to bet on crypto-currencies whose value on the exchange markets increases in the long term. I will not tell you that this will be easy. On the contrary, it will require not only a thorough study of the markets, but also time. A good grasp of the technical and economic principles inherent in this type of project will also help you to make money with crypto-currencies.

In this respect, I would like to point out the use of artificial intelligence to invest in crypto-currencies. Your choice of transactions and investments will be influenced in crypto-currency according to your expertise in this field. There are trading robots that have been developed to offer you automated transactions. They explore price increases and decreases on a continuous basis in order to make your trades.

The reason I’m talking about these types of automatic operations via robots is because I think they’re very risky. Nevertheless, the risk can have benefits and can be very profitable. So if you want to take them, be careful about the promises of sites offering this type of service. Many of them present you with biased profit expectations. Beware of offers that are too good to be true.

Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs also offer a real opportunity. Let me explain. Affiliation is the promotion of a service or offer to particular people, with a commission for you every time you bring a new customer to the company you are promoting.

Cryptocurrencies have the particularity of offering you multiple affiliate offers. Many sites offer you a rather interesting remuneration system. To make affiliation in the case of cash, you will only have to register on a platform offering such offers. Then, you will have to share your affiliate link with people potentially interested in the services of the company you are promoting. Each new person who registers via your shared link entitles you to a commission.

Blogging in crypto-currencies or lending them out

There are platforms that often look for profiles of people with knowledge of both crypto-currency and SEO. If this is your case, you can offer your services to these platforms. There is no shortage of offers in this area, and prices are based on demand. As long as you have some free time, this is a real opportunity for you to make money.

In the same way that banks charge interest rates on the money they lend you, you can also collect interest via the crypto-money loan. Via sites, you can be put in contact with borrowers who express a frequent need for crypto-money. You can grant loans at an interest rate of up to 15%, but keep in mind that these loans have obvious risks.

Participation in ICOs

While there was a lot of interest in CIOs already in 2017, the results have been more striking since 2018. ICOs are now the trend for funding projects. They allow fundraising through the creation of specific tokens, and are simpler than traditional IPOs in their implementation and management.

To participate in ICOs, you can generally invest in the classic currencies such as the GBP or the US Dollar. But recently, you also have the possibility to participate in ICOs by investing in crypto-currencies. It is through this process that many Bitcoin owners have made considerable gains in recent years.

However, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that ICOs are long-term investments. This means that if you’re looking for a quick return on investment, participating in crypto-money ICOs is not the best option. However, if you are patient, I wouldn’t be surprised if you earn enough to need a wealth management advisor soon.

The other options

In addition to the means mentioned above, you can hope to earn money with crypto-money in :

  • Betting to win Bitcoins and crypto-money;
  • Making you pay in crypto-currencies;
  • Opting for mining;
  • Opting for HYIP offers (risky though);
  • Holding a masternode.