A Personal Loan To Finance A Trip, Is It Possible?

According to a study carried out by Cofidis with the CSA institution, nearly 8 out of 10 British people have already used a bank loan or another organization specializing in loans to finance their projects. Also according to this study, 1 in 5 British people would borrow money from a bank or credit organisation at least once a year, for an average amount of £4,800. This shows that borrowing is part of the British people’s habits, even if many view this practice negatively, because the interest rate is considered too high. While credit is in most cases used to finance personal property, as well as the purchase of a car, the number of British people taking out personal or consumer credit is tending to increase. This type of credit is generally used to finance the purchase of household appliances, computers, telephones… But you can also take advantage of it to take a trip! Today, I’m going to shed light on personal credit and the criteria to be taken into account when choosing it.

What is meant by personal loan?

A personal loan is a good way to finance any type of project, except the purchase of real estate. It is therefore particularly suitable for financing a trip.

It is an unassigned consumer loan, which means that you do not need to present an invoice or other proof of use to obtain a personal loan, unlike an assigned loan. It simply meets a household’s liquidity requirement. You are free to decide how much you want to borrow, regardless of the purpose of the loan – you can visit the Palma Violets Loans website to learn more. Most banks and other lending institutions offer personal credit, but the repayment period will range from 3 to 84 months, depending on the amount you borrow and your ability to repay.

Why take out a personal loan to finance your trip? Because the conditions are fixed, and therefore remain stable throughout your contract. You will know in advance the amount you will have to pay each month and the duration of your repayments. Another advantage: the interest rate is much more interesting than that of other credit solutions, to mention only the revolving credit! The cost of the Annual Percentage Rate of Charge (APR) depends on the duration of your repayments, but it does not increase along the way, as it may with other financing solutions.

The faster you repay, the lower your interest rate will be. Personal credit is governed by the Consumer Code. Its minimum amount is £200 and the maximum amount is £75,000, but some loan organisations and banks can apply their own minimum and maximum amounts and repayment periods without however derogating from the Consumer Code.

Why take out a loan to go on a trip?

The world is full of wonderful places just waiting to be discovered. If, like most British people, you dream of travelling to discover the world in all its splendour at least once in your life, or to explore job opportunities, personal credit is the solution to make your wish come true. You don’t have to wait years to save before you can live your dream.

You can obtain financing shortly after you apply for credit without having to provide any proof of your application. Some organizations offer to give you an answer within 24 hours. With personal credit, you have the option of withdrawing within 14 days of signing the contract if you change your mind. Once this period has passed, the funds can be released and all you have to do is pack your bags, provided of course that you have already chosen your destination. The lender has 7 days to give you an answer to your credit application. In general, the first monthly payment is taken the month following the signature of the contract. To get an idea of how much you can borrow and how much you can repay, you can use the personal loan calculation tools on Younited Credit.

Choosing the right personal loan to travel with peace of mind

To enjoy your trip with peace of mind, you’d better choose the right personal loan. While the bank is the best known and most sought-after financing solution, the British are currently turning to other solutions in order to benefit from a lower interest rate. In any case, you will need to compare several offers in order to find the best one. To do this, you can call on a broker, who will be assigned to act as an intermediary between you and the financial institutions. This will ensure that you find the credit that best suits your needs and situation and will make the competition work for you.

On the other hand, you are able to find an advantageous travel credit without having to resort to a third party. All you have to do is do your own research, using the Internet. It is currently possible to apply for a personal loan 100% online and do all the necessary steps without having to leave your home. You can also sign the credit contract at a distance. Convenient isn’t it? You’re probably wondering whether this is really a reliable and secure solution. I’ve also asked myself this question, just like you. Then you should know that there are serious online banks offering personal loans! Not only does this solution save you from having to travel, but it also allows you to take out a personal loan fairly, transparently and as quickly as possible with an innovative system.

Choose an online bank that has a banking license, which will allow you to be sure of the seriousness and reliability of the platform. It also gives you peace of mind regarding the protection of your personal data.

Overdraft Facilities – A Permanent Solution?

Need a little more money in your wallet quickly? No problem – the overdraft facility to your own account makes it possible. Quickly to the ATM, withdraw money and that was it. Fast, simple, uncomplicated. But the offer has its pitfalls…and its price.

 One often has the impression that the only target group without a chance of an overdraft facility is children and young people. But this assessment alone does not necessarily correspond to the facts on the credit market. Because even minors can – with appropriate liability and the consent of their legal guardians – take advantage of a certain credit line as an extra to the bank account. Although this is indeed rather an exception, as most banks will hardly consider this. However, the assumption that low earners have little chance of success with an overdraft facility application is not generally correct. The fact that even people with very low incomes can obtain overdraft facilities is due to the general conditions prevailing in most banks.

How much “overdraft” can I get as an account holder?

The vast majority of all banks operate according to a clear rule: account holders can obtain an overdraft facility at almost all branch and direct banks, although an upper limit is almost always set in advance. Two to three times the monthly net income is regarded as the industry standard, so to speak. However, this rule usually applies mainly to bank customers with a “normal” income. Deviations from this are possible. Up and down.

This applies in particular to these groups:

  • Clients with above average regular cash receipts
  • Persons receiving state benefits as “income
  • Self-employed and freelancers without a fixed monthly income
  • Account holders who have repeatedly overdrawn/overdrawn the overdraft facility

The latter customers should keep one danger in mind above all. What is meant is the unexpected request for a full refund of the balance.

Is there a risk of premature credit repayment?

This question is important on closer inspection for two reasons. Firstly, as a customer you should not constantly make use of the individually defined credit line or even put the account into the red beyond that. The house bank will certainly turn a blind eye a few times. After all, the interest rates for a tolerated overdraft are usually even higher than the standard market overdraft interest rate. And even this can be seen in a negative light. While overdraft interest rates are already at ten percent or more per year anyway, the interest rates for overdrafts usually increase by another few percent. The most expensive offers on the market are around the lower level of a typical credit card interest rate. In addition, the bank will eventually put a stop to this.

The result is the aforementioned reclaims. However, if you constantly use your disposition, you will hardly have the funds to balance your account completely. What then remains is usually only the taking out of another loan. A change in creditworthiness can also lead to corrections!

Can the bank subsequently adjust the overdraft facility?

This is also conceivable. If you use an overdraft facility, you should know These are always financial products for which the bank can make adjustments despite prior approval. On the one hand, it is precisely the all-too-committed use of the credit line that will cause banks to make downgrades. On the other hand, customers also have to ask many banks to set up higher lines of credit on request, especially when there is an acute need. The adjustment risk, however, plays a role above all with regard to the balance interest rate. This is particularly important because many consumers equate overdraft facilities with call loans. However, this is a big mistake that can lead to considerable additional costs. Not to forget: Either way, banks can make changes to the details of lending without giving reasons.

Dispo interest rates – always aware of changing cost risks

In the case of overdraft facilities, banks are guided by the current interest rate level – whereby a few percent premium on the current base rate is usually expected. In the case of overdraft facilities, interest is also only charged for funds drawn down. However, borrowers often receive a certain interest guarantee for an agreed term. In the case of an overdraft facility, the bank reserves the right to lower or raise interest rates at any time. For this very reason, providers usually mention the variable debit interest rate as the basis of overdraft facilities. Incidental costs may be incurred due to insufficient cover.

More overdraft facilities due to higher salary income?

Here the answer is: It depends. Anyone who uses overdraft facilities as a freelancer or self-employed person should not expect the bank to approve an increase in overdraft facilities after one or two better months. However, employees who can prove that they have received a salary increase or other supplementary funds have extremely good cards when it comes to negotiating higher credit lines. Self-employed or freelance bank customers will most likely have to prove that they have significantly better income for several months. You should always ask yourself the question: Is overdraft really the right choice in the long run?

Permanent use of overdraft facilities – the worst of all options

The fact that banks generally offer overdraft facilities as a temporary solution is not only for legal reasons. After all, banks must inform customers of the risks and high costs. Above all, the loans are only intended as a bridging measure. The bank will also inform you of this and will recommend a rescheduling to an installment loan from time to time if the utilization rate remains constant. And this step makes sense in terms of cost containment. Perhaps it is necessary to rethink your own expenses? If you really only need more money in the short term than you have in your account, the dispo is an unbureaucratic option. In the long run, however, any other loan is the better alternative. The only exception is the credit card. As mentioned above, it is even more expensive, regardless of the convenience of using a plastic card for payments and withdrawals. But this is a different matter.

So never forget possible costs when making arrangements, but also bear in mind the banks’ cancellation option. Otherwise, if you are asked to balance your account, good advice is expensive in the truest sense of the word. Even bankruptcies are possible if you do not get a loan for the complete repayment of the account balance.

Make Money Fast – 30 Tips For Online And Offline

The best 30 tips to make money online and in real life

How do you get money fast?

At some point, the question may arise in everyday life: How can I earn money quickly and easily with a part-time job? Which activities can I expand in order to achieve good additional income in the long term?

With the digitalization and the spread of smartphones, making money online is possible with little effort. But even without a computer or mobile phone, there are numerous ways to build up a sideline income.

In this guide article, 36 tips are compiled on how you can earn extra income both online and offline – quick ways and long-term opportunities.

Attention: Time-consuming part-time jobs require an approval by the employer in case of a full-time job. Please inquire in time if you want to build up a comprehensive part-time job and/or seek the interview with your employer. Then you can certainly earn money.

Earn money quickly and easily on the Internet and in real life

9 tips for quickly improving your household budget – earn money online

Get money fast? – Make money fast? Many contemporaries consider that to be impossible. But if you are flexible, you can find a niche online or in real life to quickly supplement your household budget.

1. Online surveys and participation in market research projects

One of the best known ways to make money online on the Internet is to participate in online surveys. Large companies commission market research institutes to obtain information about potential customers. Companies want to know how their products are received. In order to address as large a pool of consumers as possible, these surveys are carried out on platforms specialized in market and opinion research. Companies sometimes pay up to 15 GBP per survey for this valuable data. Depending on the platform, the amount earned is transferred to the account or paid out in the form of a voucher. Anyone who wants to get money quickly registers on one or more websites and creates a profile free of charge.

In most cases, the time required per online survey is between five and thirty minutes. As a rule, a minimum age of 18 years is required.

  • Attention: Serious survey websites do not charge high fees for registration on their platform. Most market research providers offer free registration.
  • This is required: Smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • It can be earned: Up to 15 GBP per survey
  • Positive: The surveys can be done easily in between. Registration with several portals is recommended to avoid idle time. The vouchers are ideal for little extras.
  • Negative: It is not possible to get a lot of money quickly, it is rather a matter of pocket money.

Many contemporaries consider it impossible to get money quickly. But if you are flexible, you can find a niche online or in real life to supplement your household budget.

2. Fast money as an app-jobber

For example, companies would like to know how their products are presented in stationary retail outlets or what the current opening hours of shops are. Photos are sent via the app as proof. If you’re on the move in the city, this is a flexible way to get money fast. One basic idea is to make good use of waiting times in restaurants, bars, supermarkets or on the train. Once a task has been completed, the current surroundings can then be searched for other suitable tasks. Depending on the amount of time and effort involved, App-Jobbers can earn one or more GBP per task. Once a certain amount has been reached, App-Jobbers receive the money either on their account or via Paypal.

  • This is required: Smartphone
  • It can be earned: One to ten GBP per task
  • Positive: Depending on the order situation, up to ten GBP per job are possible.
  • Negative: Some jobs have to be completed very quickly, which is cumbersome if the day has already been planned through.

3. For creative people: writing texts

For those who find it easy to write, there are many ways to make money online on the Internet. As a freelance author you can offer your writing skills on numerous platforms. The range of commissions extends from simple blog articles to complex guidebook articles. Depending on the ability and length of the texts, the work is remunerated accordingly. In many cases, payment is made per word directly after the article is accepted.

  • This is required: Laptop, affinity for writing
  • This can be earned: 20 to 100 GBP per article
  • Positive: The individual orders can be selected according to the time budget. There is little acquisition effort.
  • Negative: The payment for the paper work often does not correspond to the fee as a freelancer.

4. Correct texts

If you have a good feel for spelling and grammar, you can earn extra money on the Internet as a proofreader. To ensure the quality of their texts, companies and publishers offer a fee of 0.5 to 1 penny per word. This results in an hourly wage of about 20 GBP for proofreaders. This activity requires good concentration in order to deliver error-free work over a longer period of time. In most cases, the attention lapses for a few more hours, so that flawless proofreading can no longer be guaranteed.

  • This is needed: Laptop, very good spelling and grammar
  • It can be earned: About 20 GBP per hour
  • Positive: Flexible order acceptance and time management
  • Negative: Competition from professional proofreaders is relatively high.

5. Sell used goods online

Online purchases are particularly suitable for books, DVDs or console and PC games that are no longer used. A fixed price is offered for the discarded treasures. Clothes and shoes can be sold particularly well via flea market apps and classified ads on the Internet. You set the desired price and negotiate with a potential buyer if necessary. On auction portals, however, only the starting price can be set.

  • Note: Creating the advertisements including texts and photos takes some time, as does waiting for the time of sale.
  • This is needed: Smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • It can be earned: Depending on the quality and condition of the item
  • Positive: Certain items such as bicycles, but also furniture and baby equipment quickly find buyers.
  • Negative: Not every offer meets with a positive response. The more you put in, the higher the chance of finding buyers.

6. Earn money online as a website tester (usability tests)

For people with an affinity for the Internet, a part-time job as a website tester is suitable. New software and websites are springing up every day. In order to examine them for their user-friendliness and possible sources of error, operators seek the opinion of test communities. This is intended to eliminate errors and improve the quality of the software. Website testers click through the user interface and examine it for inconsistencies, functionality of links and other bugs. They check the usability and the way to get the desired information.

  • This is required: Smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • It can be earned: Up to 15 GBP per hour, a test takes about 60 minutes
  • Positive: If you enjoy surfing the Internet, these tasks will certainly be done quickly. There is a bonus for errors found!
  • Negative: The earnings are rather low.

7. Test online games

A job as a games tester sounds like a teenager’s pipe dream. But it is actually possible to earn money by playing online games. New games for smartphone or PC are developed regularly. Before the production companies go to market with their new games, they have to be tested for errors and user-friendliness.

  • Where else are small bugs hiding?
  • How is the gameplay?
  • Does the game arouse interest at all among gamers?

These and more aspects have to be checked before the new release can go into mass production. The game tester uncovers small deficiencies and logic errors, searches specifically for bugs and weaknesses and records his experiences. In order to earn money by testing games online, you have to bring a lot of time and affinity to the medium.

  • This is needed: Laptop, Smartphone
  • It can be earned: About 8 GBP per hour
  • Positive: The joy of playing can be used.
  • Negative: A lot of gambling to get a good income.

8. Accept microjobs – perform small services on the net

With microjobs, various small jobs are possible: data collection, research, transcriptions, creation of graphics up to the creation of SEO texts. After registration, orders can be accepted from a pool and thus the money can start to earn.

  • This is required: Laptop, Smartphone
  • It can be earned: About 10 GBP per hour, up to 20 GBP depending on the level of difficulty
  • Positive: Serious pool for home work, transparent system. Whoever stays on can create such a
  • generate regular additional income.
  • Negative: In order to reach the specified ten GBP per hour, it requires work at the speed of light.

Usually practice tests are carried out before a paid job follows.

9. Become a product tester

Although you cannot earn money as a product tester in the true sense of the word, it is still a practical way to get hold of coveted goods and products. The idea: Before the big market launch, companies want to put their new products through their paces. Who is better suited for this than future customers? Interested parties can apply for tenders from the companies and are then sent the agreed products. These can be sweets, drinks, a new cosmetics line or technical equipment such as lawnmowers and barbecues. The product tester examines the product with regard to appearance, suitability, application and some other criteria and writes a detailed test report. In return, the product tester is allowed to keep the product afterwards.

  • This is required: Smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • It can be earned: Products as payment
  • Positive: With luck, coveted objects can end up in your own household.
  • Negative: Critical evaluations may not be welcomed.

3 tips for quickly improving your household budget – earn money offline

1. Blood and plasma donations

One of the best known ways to earn money relatively quickly in addition to your job is by donating blood. If you are not afraid of needles and have some time, you can earn extra money as a blood donor. Depending on the institution, the expense allowance is between 15 and 25 GBP per donation. Those who consider plasma or platelet donation instead of whole blood donation will receive 25 to 40 GBP per donation. Approximately 40 blood plasma donations are permitted per year, slightly less for women due to the monthly blood loss during menstruation.

  • Not everyone is suitable for plasma donation. In order to earn money quickly, the donor must weigh at least 50 kilos, have a minimum amount of endogenous antibodies in his blood and have successfully completed the medical examination at the institute. In addition, the minimum time interval to tattoos or piercings is four months.
  • This is required: Physical requirements and waiting time
  • This can be earned: 15 to 40 GBP per donation
  • Positive: If you are not afraid of needles, you can earn regular extra income
  • There is also a free health check and other
  • People are helped.
  • Negative: Certain groups are excluded from donating.

2. Earn money as an animal sitter

If you are a passionate dog and cat fan, you can earn money as an offline animal sitter. If mistresses and masters do not have enough time to look after their pets due to work or holidays, the animal sitter steps in as a carer. The forms of animal sitting can be very different. They range from going for a walk to full-day care to full-time care during the holiday period. Prospective animal sitters can offer their service on various platforms on the Internet or on notice boards at veterinarians and public institutions.

  • This is required: Experience in dealing with animals
  • It can be earned: From 5 GBP per hour
  • Positive: The love for animals can be used sensibly.
  • Negative: The animals sometimes behave more difficult with strangers than in their familiar surroundings.

3. Earn money as a secret shopper

A quite unusual method of earning money on the side is the job as a secret shopper. In order to test the service, security and general shopping experience of their stores and shops, shops commission so-called mystery shoppers. They visit the respective market like normal customers and recreate the shopping experience:

  • Are the employees friendly?
  • Is the store clearly arranged?
  • Are all products easy to find?
  • Are there security gaps in the store?

The secret shopper puts the store through its paces and then passes on his report to the office.

  • This is required: Interest in good service and an eye for it.
  • That can be earned: Between 10 and 15 GBP per order
  • Positive: The activity can improve the service.
  • Negative: A comprehensive audit does not lead to a higher fee for the assignment.

10 tips on how to make money online in the long term

1. Create a blog

If a freelance author has a special affinity to a certain subject area, another option opens up for him or her: the creation of his or her own blog. In this case, authors are not dependent on orders from a client, but divide their time and topics themselves.

The disadvantage: A lot of time has to be invested in the run-up to the blog to build it up and generate readers. With the number of readers and clicks, the blog increases in value, which means that more money can be demanded for sponsored articles or advertisements when cooperating with other sites or companies. If you can sell yourself well on the Internet as a blogger, companies will also regularly approach you for product tests and you can then keep the items or the contributions will be remunerated and you can earn your money.

  • This is needed: Laptop, affinity for writing
  • It can be earned: Up to several hundred GBP for sponsored contributions.
  • Positive: With some effort a stable additional income can be generated and the website works for you.
  • Negative: Getting money fast with deadline pressure is not possible here. Because in order for Internet sites to be profitable, a lot of time must first be invested.
  • Tip: The articles can be registered with VG Wort. There is then an amount per click, which is paid out at the end of the year.

2. Own online shop as additional income

If you have an innovative idea and the desire to implement your own project, you will find an adequate solution here. However, time and money have to be invested before the online shop will make a profit. If the number of visitors is right through targeted marketing, a good additional income can be generated with your own shop on the Internet.

  • This is needed: Laptop
  • It can be earned: A few hundred to a thousand GBP a month
  • Positive: Own interests can be used.
  • Negative: Investment of time and money in advance

3. Youtube as additional income on the internet

The video portal offers users the ideal platform to publish their own videos. Channels with particularly successful videos are richly rewarded thanks to placed advertising from Youtube. To receive a high number of video views, Youtuber must offer users very creative, unusual or entertaining contributions.

  • This is required: Video camera, smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • It can be earned: Up to 1000 GBP per 700,000 clicks
  • Positive: With affinity to the medium and good ideas, income can be generated in the long term.
  • Negative: Investing time in advance

4. Sell photos

Various websites provide users with photos and graphics, partly free of charge, partly as part of a subscription. These image portals receive their content from professional photographers as well as from hobby photographers. The uploaded images must meet a specific quality standard in order to be accepted by the portals. Those who make their images available either receive a flat fee when uploading or are paid via download. Photographers who publish their images commercially in this way should consider the appropriate payment model in advance.

  • Tip: If you offer pictures on special and unusual topics, the probability of success increases.
  • This is needed: A good camera, laptop to upload the pictures
  • This can be earned: 20 to 43 percent of the turnover, which corresponds to a few cents per picture
  • Positive: Use affinity to the medium
  • Negative: success is difficult to assess

5. Build your own website and earn money with advertising

Whoever spends a little time and has the leisure to invest some work for his extra income can earn good money online with his own website. A feeling for the right content and knowledge of website optimization are necessary. Because the amount of income depends on the number of visitors. The better the site is visited, the higher its value increases and the income with sponsored contributions, affiliate marketing or adsense. In principle, website operators provide other companies with advertising space on their website and receive money for this. How much can be earned depends on the individual affiliate programs and the traffic on the website.

  • Tip: With creative content and an appealing layout, providers attract more visitors to their website. It is also an advantage if interested parties deal with search engine optimization (SEO) in advance.
  • This is needed: Laptop
  • It can be earned: Several hundred GBP per month
  • Positive: Those who are already working full-time in this area can build up a secondary income.
  • Negative: It takes time for a website to attract many visitors.

6. Daytrading -Online quickly earn money with shares

It has always been possible to earn money online with shares and so day trading is still a lucrative method to generate additional income in 2019. For speculative trading in securities, private investors should be familiar with the subject matter and keep an eye on the daily price fluctuations. Otherwise, day trading does not turn out to be a profitable secondary income, but rather a disappointing loss making business.

  • This is needed: Smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • It can be earned: Undefined
  • Positive: Those who are familiar with the subject matter have good chances!
  • Negative: Risk of financial investments

7. Earn money by trading domains

A relatively simple business model, similar to day trading, which is associated with some speculation, is the trade with domains. The principle of domain trading is simple: free, promising domains are purchased at a low price with the intention to sell them later on to large interested parties at a profit. Since trading domains involves a certain risk, the profit margin is very different. From minus deals to profits of several thousand GBP, everything is possible. With the right strategy and a certain intuition, it is therefore quite possible to earn a lot of money online when trading domains.

  • This is needed: Smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • It can be earned: Undefined
  • Positive and negative: the possible profit margins

8. Create online courses

Do you know a topic particularly well? For professional or private reasons you must have a hobby? You can create and sell an online course on this topic. The more detailed your expertise is the more interesting this business idea will be. Explanations using practical examples make it easier to understand the topics.

  • This is required: Smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • It can be earned: Hard to estimate, market research necessary
  • Positive: Use your own existing knowledge
  • Negative: The interest in online courses is unfortunately not predictable.
  • Tip: Find out which offers already exist for your favourite topics and how often they have been clicked on. Get an overview of the competitors’ prices.

9. Sell your own products

If you have a talent for making your own products such as jewellery, handicrafts or sewing, you can easily earn money by selling them. There are no limits to creativity. You can make and sell necklaces and other jewellery, cook your own jam from fruit in the garden, paint pictures and portraits, make decorative elements or upgrade old furniture and then resell it. Interested parties decide for themselves what they want to make and how much time they want to spend on it. You are just as independent when it comes to pricing and selling your own products. As platforms, you can use, for example, small advertisements on the Internet or your own website with the products you manufacture yourself. Internet platforms like Etsy can also be used.

  • This is required: Skill at handicrafts, sewing, painting, etc.
  • That can be earned: Depending on the product
  • Positive: You yourself determine the scope and type of your products.
  • Negative: Sometimes it takes time for your customers to discover you.

10. Earn money online with podcasts

Podcasts are increasingly in demand. They enable many companies to offer personal insights into their activities, which then also have a confidence-building effect. Small interviews or short contributions can also be created.

  • This is needed: Laptop, editing software, recording technology
  • It can be earned: Depending on the product
  • Positive: In this area, regular customers can be built up well.
  • Negative: You need familiarity with interviewing and moderation to deliver a good result.

14 tips for earning money offline in the long term

1. Offer themselves as domestic help through the health insurance

In case of sudden illness or after an operation, the health insurance companies grant household help on request, which is organised privately. The demand for domestic help is very high and most professional institutions usually have no capacity available at short notice. The privately organized domestic helpers receive a fee of about 9 GBP per hour. This includes household activities or the care of small children. If there is a problem with the leg, the children may not be able to be picked up from school or kindergarten. This can then also be taken over by the household help. The hours granted vary between two and eight hours per working day and are usually granted for four weeks. The amount will be refunded to the applicants by the health insurance company. The applicant usually has to pay 10% of the costs himself.

  • This is required: Skills in the household and with children
  • It can be earned: About 9 GBP per hour
  • Positive: If you work a few hours a day, you will have a secure income for a longer period of time.
  • Negative: You can only carry out assignments of eight hours a day part-time if your main job involves longer seasonal breaks (film work, seasonal work, summer breaks).
  • Tip: Since this activity has a lot to do with trust, it is best to ask your friends and acquaintances first and ask them to forward a prepared e-mail. You can also create your own website for your service.

2. Sell old things at the flea market

Also a classic among the secondary income is the sale of unused items at the flea market. For a stall fee, all household utensils can be sold here: From clothes and shoes to sofas, mirrors, chests of drawers, books and films. Depending on negotiating skills, the range of goods on offer and the location, several hundred GBP can be earned at the flea market every day. The time spent behind the stand, even in bad weather, must be taken into account.

  • This is needed: Articles no longer in use, stand
  • It can be earned: Several hundred GBP per month
  • Positive: The money is available on the same day. Flea markets also have cult status. Fresh air, interesting encounters.
  • Negative: Stall fee must be invested, there is no sales guarantee.
  • Tip: If you look around among your friends and acquaintances, you will be surprised how many of them are happy to offer you the contents of their cellar, as you usually do not have time to sell sorted and well-preserved items. Or you can join forces with friends, then selling is even more fun!

3. Sell used clothes in a second-hand shop

If you don’t have the patience for a sale at the flea market, you can sell your clothes, shoes and accessories in a second-hand shop. Although the profit margin is not as high as when selling from private to private, at the same time the effort is much less. The things to be sold only have to be in a good condition, then the Second-Hand operator will include them in his assortment. From the profit Second-Hand shop owners take about 40 to 60 percent commission.

  • This is needed: Clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. that are no longer used.
  • This can be earned: 50 to 100 GBP per month
  • Positive: The wardrobe is emptied, more space.
  • Disadvantage: If the goods are taken on consignment, you will usually receive the money only after the agreed periods of time (usually 4-8 weeks). Unsold goods will be returned to you. Only few Second-Hand shops buy directly, the purchase price is then considerably lower.

4. Earn money as an extra or extra

Especially for film and television enthusiasts, the part-time job as an extra, extra or small actor is a particularly attractive way to earn a lot of money. On the Internet, budding screen heroes can register free of charge with various agencies or go on a search for promising productions on their own. Usually one must attach some photos with the registration beside a personal profile. The agency selects suitable extras and extras from the card index according to the wishes of the film production and establishes a contact. Extras and extras without text who appear in the background or in mass scenes receive an average of 50 GBP per shooting day. Small actors with a speaking role of a few sentences earn 150 to 300 GBP per day.

  • This is needed: Flexibility in time and place
  • This can be earned: 50 to 300 GBP per shooting day
  • Positive: Interesting encounters, a look behind the scenes
  • Disadvantage: The shooting days sometimes last six to ten hours.

5. Earn money as a test person

As a subject for medical tests, you can earn several hundred or even thousands of GBP, depending on the type and complexity of the study. For this purpose, test persons make themselves available as test persons for new active substances, experiments or treatment methods. They then record their experiences and observations in a protocol or questionnaire. Anyone wishing to earn money as a test person must become active themselves and look for the relevant advertisements on the Internet, in newspapers or on public transport.

  • Note: Some clinical trials require certain conditions to be met. These may include, for example, age, lifestyle, or a specific clinical picture. In addition, a subject is always exposed to a certain risk when testing new drugs, vaccines or treatment methods. Serious studies offer insurance for potential late effects.
  • This is required: In some cases, certain health requirements must be met
  • It can be earned: Up to several thousand GBP per study
  • Positive: Possible earnings
  • Negative: Risk with use of the own body

6. Earn money with unused housing

Anyone who has additional areas or rooms in the house or apartment that they do not use in everyday life can rent them out to guests. For many people, this form of additional income will not be an option. Homeowners and apartment tenants who open up to the Airbnb & Co concept can look forward to a solid extra income. To this end, interested parties post photos and a description of the property on one of the many platforms for apartment rentals and await enquiries. The extra income from renting out their premises depends entirely on the size, location and quality of the property. In general, the demand for housing is greater in urban areas, which is why more money can be demanded here.

  • This is needed: Smartphone, tablet or laptop; suitable space to let
  • It can be earned: Several hundred GBP a month
  • Positive: Good additional income
  • Negative: Maintain the standard of the rented premises in good condition at all times, despite the choice of tenants it may not always be suitable

7. Rent out your own car and earn money with it

Maintaining your own car is an expensive business for the car owner. Insurance costs, repairs and petrol drive the monthly costs into the three-digit range. This is all the more annoying if the vehicle is not used at all half the time. This is where car sharing comes into play. Not only companies are taking advantage of this concept, more and more private individuals are sharing their vehicle with friends or renting it out to strangers. Various websites on the Internet offer a suitable platform for this: car owners place an advertisement online with a description of the vehicle and photos and then wait for enquiries. By renting the car, car owners can earn up to 100 GBP a week and thus effectively reduce their monthly costs. In addition, some vehicle costs can be claimed against tax.

  • This is required: Car, Smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • It can be earned: Several hundred GBP a month
  • Positive: Good additional income
  • Negative: Other drivers have a different driving style than you, possible consequences for your vehicle are difficult to estimate.

8. Private tuition

Giving private lessons and earning money in the process may seem old-fashioned, but it is still a lucrative opportunity for a solid extra income. Depending on your ability, you can offer tutoring at primary or secondary school. You can find the right pupils either on appropriate platforms on the internet, notice boards in schools and public institutions or in your circle of friends and acquaintances. If you would like to offer tutoring in already existing organizations, you can apply for single or multiple subjects. Either the tutoring will then take place in the existing rooms or you will go home to already registered children and young people.

  • This is required: Knowledge or talent in a specific area
  • It can be earned: From 10 GBP an hour
  • Positive: You can pass on your knowledge.
  • Negative: Any preparation and follow-up time is already included in the fee.

9. Creative lessons: music, cooking, dancing …

The teaching of a musical instrument or of cooking and baking skills is also suitable for extracurricular lessons. The spectrum is broad, so that the right demand is met according to talent or level of knowledge.

  • This is what is needed: Talent in a specific area
  • It can be earned: From 10 GBP an hour
  • Positive: It is fun to convey your own passion!
  • Negative: Any preparation and follow-up time is already included in the fee.
  • Tip: Perhaps you can offer your talent for designing children’s birthday parties! Sing karaoke or bake an unusual cake together?!

10. Babysitting as a classic among the side jobs

The demand for private care for babies and children is high. The prerequisite for working as a babysitter is usually a certain amount of experience in the care of children. Among friends and acquaintances, a solid basis of trust is sufficient in many cases. Depending on age, experience and education, babysitting can earn 5 to 15 GBP per hour.

  • This is needed: Experience in dealing with children
  • It can be earned: From 5 GBP per hour
  • Positive: The demand is so high that it is easy to find a side job.
  • Negative: Often the need for care is in the evening hours and on weekends.

11. Earn money with casual jobs – also in the neighbourhood

A helping hand is always needed somewhere. With smaller jobs in the immediate vicinity, a few GBP can be earned in addition per month. Starting with cleaning the apartment or house and working in the garden to repairs of any kind, you can earn money with almost any service. Interested people can offer their help via small advertisements in the Internet or newspaper or make it public via social media channels. Word-of-mouth advertising should also not be underestimated for occasional jobs. The earnings depend on the demands of the task and the corresponding expenditure of time.

  • This is required: Manual skill is an advantage.
  • This can be earned: From 5 GBP per hour
  • Positive: Negotiation of a fixed hourly wage, with good work permanent additional income possible, word of mouth ensures further orders.
  • Negative: Those who do not take their work seriously will not be asked again and therefore do not earn anything.

12. Day labourers for construction or as removal helpers

Those who are good at getting things done have the opportunity to hire on a daily basis and earn money. Removal companies also often look for helpers.

  • This is needed: Physical fitness
  • It can be earned: Usually from minimum wage or daily flat rate
  • On the positive side: people who can handle a lot of stress can get money quickly and easily.
  • Negative: Rather not a woman’s job, the order situation is not always equally good.

13. Earn money in a cafe or as a bartender

In the catering trade, experienced and friendly personnel are always sought after. Maybe you have a favourite pub where you like the guests? Or you are good at mixing cocktails and enjoy the atmosphere behind the counter? Then this is the right part-time job for you!

  • This is required: Good shoes, sociability and service orientation
  • It can be earned: Usually from minimum wage
  • Positive: Working in a relaxed atmosphere
  • Negative: Often an evening/night and weekend job

14. Become a party guest

An option for all those who like to party. Many organizers of events in clubs and discotheques rely on paid guests to create a good mood and heat up the atmosphere. Up to 50 GBP in earnings per evening are possible.

  • This is required: Party mood
  • It can be earned: Up to 50 GBP per evening
  • Positive: having fun and getting money fast.
  • Negative: Not suitable for all age groups and shy people.

Conclusion – Earn money online and offline

Getting money fast with serious work is possible, but mostly there is a lot of development work to be done both in online activities on the internet and in the surrounding area. In order for a regular sideline job to be possible, the following points should be observed:

  • No exaggerated expectations: Even if some websites suggest that wealth is possible overnight – the squirrel feeds laboriously. Most sideline jobs on the Internet require some development work or are paid so little that many hours have to be invested.
  • Pick a suitable activity: In order to make money fast, the part-time job should be fun. If you are not good with children, it is better not to offer babysitting services. If monotonous click work on the Internet disturbs, paid surveys are not the right choice.
  • Budget with resources: Hours on the Internet, regardless of losses? Sooner or later your health will suffer.
  • Consider a loan: A microcredit gives you the freedom to develop a second job well planned.

Measures to get money quickly in case of a short-term financial bottleneck

In case of short-term financial difficulties: the guarantee

A guarantee is always required when a lender wishes to minimise his risk. This can be the case, for example, with poor to medium creditworthiness, but also with freelancers and young professionals. As a rule, a guarantor is first asked for in the family, since there is a leap of faith and the precarious financial situation does not permeate to the outside world.

There are also people who refuse to ask for a guarantor within the family or circle of friends. On the Internet, there are platforms that rely on private credit brokering, but this requires persuasion on the part of the potential lender. This is also necessary at a bank when it comes to a loan. The financial institution will not only carefully check the applicant’s Schufa, but will also ask for other securities. Whoever has home ownership or life insurance can score points. All others would only have the guarantee of a private person. The employer can also guarantee, some companies even offer loans through the company. Depending on the type of guarantee, the risks for the guarantor vary. If you want to help, but do not want to be left out in the rain if the worst comes to the worst, you can grant a partial guarantee for a certain amount. In the case of a time guarantee, the commitment only runs for a corresponding period. Relatively uncomplicated and often without a guarantee, it only works for car loans. Until full payment has been made, the vehicle itself serves as security, the vehicle title remains with the lender.

For short-term financial bottlenecks: the small loan

If a loan is taken out with the bank, the commitment is quite long and depending on the initial financial situation, a guarantee is necessary. Although the interest rates for small loans are not too high. But if you go to your house bank, you sometimes pay more than with other providers. Vexcash is exemplary in this area. Applications for small loans between 100 and 3000 GBP are made, and the loans are easily repaid in one to six monthly instalments at a favourable interest rate. With the Express option, your small loan is processed within the next 60 minutes and sent to the bank for payout.

How can I earn money online?

If your strength lies in writing texts, you as an author can earn money with texts or create your own blog and earn money online in the long term through advertising revenues.

How can I simply earn money with used things?

Yes, there are many online platforms on which you can offer your used items. If you need cash quickly, you can earn money quickly with used items.

How can I earn money quickly?

A very fast way to get money is to donate blood. If you are not afraid of needles and have some time, you can earn money as a blood donor continuously.

How To Optimize Your Credit Score Step By Step

You have recently submitted one or more credit applications and have literally stumbled over your creditworthiness? This can happen, but rejected applicants do not always know how the bank came to a negative decision.

Actually, everything looked good, but the desired credit is rejected by the bank. This is it, the bad and completely unexpected surprise of the rejected credit. How can this be? Often one is not aware of any financial misconduct. So what went wrong?

The surprise is due to the fact that many consumers are firmly convinced that open credit debts alone are reason for rejection. Unfortunately, this is not true. Several aspects can have a negative impact on creditworthiness. Therefore, here are a few tips on how you can, with a little luck, bring about positive changes in your score in the register of Agency or other credit agencies. The consumer situation turns out to be difficult when it comes to the question of the value. The Agency has always been reluctant to discuss this issue. Consumer protectors have consistently criticised this lack of transparency for many years.

Worth knowing: → The best possible “basic score” is 100. Anyone who can show it will receive the best offers in credit enquiries. Whereby 100 is in fact an unattainable value, but anything above 90 points is considered highly creditworthy.

The right to information on personal Credit data

To be able to take action, you must of course understand which characteristics are important for Agency. Current loans are in fact only one point of importance for credit agencies when determining creditworthiness. First of all, you should make use of the right to self-disclosure. Consumer protectors complain time and again that many consumers waive this right – often out of sheer ignorance. In fact, a few years ago the legislator made sure, through an amendment to the Data Protection Act, that you can have a data overview of your register entry sent to you once a year free of charge. To claim this right is not only useful in case of acute credit need. You can also find out from the documents whether there may be incorrect or unauthorised entries in the file.

How long do notes remain in the score?

Even if consumers rely on the accuracy of their data: Sometimes errors or obsolete entries occur because deadlines for deletions are not met. This must not happen, but it does happen. Therefore, leaving blind trust is negligent, become active and check entries annually. Normally, entries on credit charges may remain in place for 36 months after full repayment. Entries in debtor registers at local courts and other public data are stored equally for three years. In the digital age, removal from databases is now automatic.

If newly completed mobile phone or internet applications are reason for registration, entries must be removed after 12 months at the latest. With the mobile phone tariff, data is archived for one year, but for the score, the information is only added for ten days. The 12-month period also applies to account openings.

No rule without exceptions – also for the Credit score

In general, Agency scores are recalculated after three months. During the year your credit rating may therefore change significantly. On these dates old data will be deleted and new data added. So much for the theory of entries. As always, there are some special rules. You are closing an account? You have settled open claims up to 1,000 GBP? In both cases you are entitled to immediate entry deletion. In the context of a so-called private insolvency, entries remain in force 36 months after the end of the six-year proceedings. This results in a total duration of nine years. The beginning of the period is the filing of the private insolvency.

These options for score optimization are available

Let us now turn to the opportunities for improving your individual rating by the credit agency from Wiesbaden. Or their “competitors”, who mostly work quite similarly. Here you will find our top 7 tips for improving your score.

1.  Refrain from changing banks and accounts too frequently

With regular special offers and switching bonuses in the banking sector, it is tempting to keep switching bank accounts and reducing spending. However, it is advisable to change accounts as rarely as possible and to apply for new bank accounts. In comparison under otherwise identical conditions, it is noticeable that scoring values of long-standing loyal bank customers are better than those of customers who constantly change accounts. In addition, it is not recommended to use too many bank accounts in parallel. This can also have negative effects.

2.  It is best to use only one credit card!

Just like loans, credit cards are an obstacle on the way to an optimal Credit score. If you absolutely need a credit card, you should leave it with a single one. Each additional card has an additional negative effect on your rating. Not to mention card usage fees. Replace expensive cards with a cheaper one rather than applying for a second card.

3.  Always pay bills on time

Exemplary payment behaviour is the be-all and end-all for a good to very good Agency score. This means in plain language: Whoever buys something in instalments or regularly receives invoices should always transfer amounts punctually or have them debited by direct debit. Direct debiting is the safest way. The prerequisite is, of course, that there are sufficient funds in the account to cover the debits. If this is not the case, this not only causes reminder and chargeback fees. At the latest if you do not comply with a payment request of your electricity supplier, landlord or other contractual partner for the second time, a negative Agency entry will be the result.

4.  Pay credit instalments always on time – also think of the disposition!

Direct debit is also the most reliable approach to avoid missed payments. For your own safety, do not set monthly instalments too high. If the repayment phase runs smoothly and as agreed, the basic score will rise very gradually. After a successful loan agreement, your score will first drop noticeably. Attention: You should also make use of the disposition in between and not continuously use it to full capacity. If you never pay anything back, the bank may cancel the overdraft facility. This in turn leaves a negative mark on your Agency score.

5. Do not make unnecessary and too many loan inquiries

For some consumers, it is tempting to make credit enquiries from time to time – so to speak, in order to sound out their own opportunities. But it is not useful if you do not actually need a loan. This is because banks usually make an Agency inquiry, which sooner or later has an influence on the scoring value. The higher the number of your inquiries, the more significant the impact on your basic score. Even non-binding enquiries to brokerage portals and platforms for the granting of loans “from private to private” can make themselves felt in your data overview. Exceptions can be so-called-neutral offers, which are advertised on the market in a few cases.

6. Reschedule several loans quickly

You pay instalments for several (small) loans? Perhaps you are using zero percent financing from online shops or retail chains. With regard to the Agency database, a single loan is always better than several monthly instalments for different loans. Especially since you can also save cash money by rescheduling debts.

7. Do you absolutely have to move?

Many people do not even know that the place of residence as well as the frequency of the change of residence can also have an effect on the Credit scoring. Time and again, the media criticise that credit agencies allegedly include the notes of people in the immediate vicinity and their scores in their calculations. Of course you have no influence on this. What you can influence, however, is the number of moves you make. The longer you live in one place, the better it is for your basic score. Agency appreciates “reliability” in this respect. Of course, changes of residence for professional reasons are not generally avoidable.

Our conclusion for the optimization of the Credit-Scorings

They must know that the measures presented do not allow for acute improvements. After three months, however, you can probably already see a first positive change. It is no less important to have incorrect entries deleted. If you are concerned about the correctness of your score, do not hesitate to contact Agency. And in any case use the right to the mentioned annual self-disclosure.