What we do

We are committed to our patients and we provide the most conscientious care we can. Our team has been individually chosen to make sure that we give you what you deserve.

Our clinicians discuss your treatment with you giving you the alternatives so you are able to make an informed decision about how to move forward.

Following best practice guidelines, we stay at the forefront of technological and clinical development.

What makes us so confident about what we do?

Our families and friends are patients and quite a few of our team were patients before they joined us!

We excel at treating nervous patients, especially children, so we are able to make even the most dental-phobic patient calm!

NHS Services


We are proud to offer NHS dental services to all of our patients. We offer regular check-ups so your teeth always look their best and we can tackle any problems together.

NHS dentistry is not an economy product, we use exactly the same materials as private dentists and we use the same laboratories when we are providing crowns, bridges, dentures or veneers.

For children we encourage the placement of fluoride to help strengthen teeth and prevent decay and Fissure Sealants help protect teeth too!

Not only is NHS dentistry more affordable than private dentistry, the price structure is easier to understand too! Below is a list of prices and we're sure you will be pleased to see that the most you will have to pay for a course of NHS treatment is £219.

Treatment Example of treatment Patient Charge
Band 1: Diagnosis, treatment planning and maintenance Clinical examination, x-rays, scaling and polishing, preventative dental work such as oral hygiene instruction £18.50
Band 2: Simple treatment Fillings, extractions and surgical procedures £50.50
Band 3: Provision of appliances Complex treatment which includes a laboratory element such bridgework, crowns and dentures. £219
Urgent treatment X-rays, dressings, re-cementing crowns, emergency extraction or filling £18.50

Some patients such as those younger than eighteen years of age or in receipt of certain state benefits are exempt from NHS dental charges. The list changes from time to time so just give us a call and we can help! We also stock forms to claim for help with healthcare costs helping you when you need it.

For more information about NHS services simply follow this link, www.nhs.uk